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Natural Dried Flowers & Arrangements



Where Nature Meets Modern Technologies

Dive into our award-winning dried flowers developed through modern drying technology. Tailored for those with bustling lifestyles, our dried floral shop offers a collection that is both locally beloved and now available nationwide. Each dried flower arrangement is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, promoting effortless self-care, nurturing relationships, and crafting lasting memories. Our creations made through high drying technology, beautifully enhance any space—no matter the light conditions—offering the perfect combination of beauty and stress-free ease.

Our mission? Through blending the inherent beauty of natural flowers with innovative drying technologies to craft superior dried floral arrangements, we are committed to delivering the perfect marriage of nature's artistry and technological precision, ensuring our flowers are not only beautiful but also lasting and effortless additions to any space or occasion.

Specializing in durable, low-maintenance dried flowers & bouquets, our dried floral in vase arrangements are for every occasion - from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays. Each piece is created with unmatched care and expertise - whether to celebrate the bonds, or bridge distances with their distinctive styles

Enhance your decor with our unique home accents, like handbag vases and vases with dried flowers, plus an array of dried stems and bunches. Our collection also features home decor items like creative vases and mini flowers bouquets, chic cotton flowers bouquet.


Meet Aileen

Say hello to Aileen Warren, Austin, TX's floral enchantress, whose award winning dried flower display designs more than just decorate spaces. They dance, they sing, they bring a slice of everlasting nature into your life.

As an avid tea lover, Aileen's creativity brews alongside her favorite cup, embodying the essence of effortlessness and sustainability. Her passion? To sprinkle your homes and workspaces with maintenance-free, durable natural dried flowers that refuse to wilt and broke. She enjoy crafting memories and self-care that bloom eternally. Her most cherished moments come from hearing how her dried floral designs bring peace to nature enthusiasts as they bask in beauty, or how the lasting memories crafted by her arrangements strengthen bonds and sometimes even rekindle estranged relationships.

Dive into Aileen's world, where nature and technology blends, flowers and memories last, self-care is at ease and enchantment never fades.

Kind Words
Kind Words
"Grabbed this eye-catching dried bouquet on a casual drink run. It brightens my office every day. It's wonderful to have such vibrant, low-maintenance indoor flowers. It has been 6 months now. Every stem still looks like new. It has become my go to stress reducer when I need it.
— Emmy
Kind Words
My boyfriend ordered the large bouquet and it made me very happy to receive it. The dried flowers are very well made and beautiful to display. I know this will last for a long time :) Aileen the owner is very friendly to talk to and she made sure the flowers neet my expectations.
— Denise
Kind Words
This metal vase for flowers is so elegant and useful. I give it to my daughter. She puts up her reminders or some quote everyday. It comes with dried flowers, so that is a big plus as we don't have much sunlight in her room. She loves it and has been cutely showing off it to her friends.
— Lisa
Kind Words
Literally the only store that sells anything close to a good dried bouquet. I know it after 30 minutes of desperate scrolling around and over another hour of looking in depth at websites. The bouquet is not just good, it is great. Their willingness to help with special requests is amazing. Hurrah to a successful special day which would not have been the case if this store didn't exist!
— Cary
Kind Words
I was not sure what to get for my girlfriend's birthday. I DMed Aileen on IG and she was able to help me find the perfect selection after only a few chats. She also helped me to crafted a message that resonate with my relationship phase. My Girlfriend was so overjoyed and feels so appreciated! It certainly helped my relationship and I am coming back for sure.
— Joseph
Kind Words
I needed a decor item for my dresser. I come across this store and immediately fall in love with purse arrangement design. It is so unique and perfect for my closet. The flowers are very vibrant and the best part, I don't need to move it around to get water or sunlight to keep it alive. What an easy flower decor.
— Jodie
Kind Words
Absolutely beautiful bouquet, great customer service, and perfect for almost any occasion. My girlfriend has been telling me how much she loves it. A super successful gift I ever have gotten for her. Highly recommend and worth every penny 😄!
— Ploob
Kind Words
I am so glad that I found this store. I wanted something small for my study desk. When I see this mini dried flower bouquet, I knew it is the perfect fit. The bouquet is well crafted and shipping is well protected. Now I get to look at it when I study or work at my desk. I definitely get more relaxed by having it on my desk through those tough days at my work.
— Jenny
Kind Words
My husband knows how to please me without a doubt! Here are the colors, the shapes, and above all the beautiful intention I love this kind of details, this gift made my Valentine's Day much happier! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such amazing arrangements 😍😍😍😍😍 I loved it
— Vanessa

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