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If you're an establishment seeking a stunning large arrangement to illuminate your space and captivate your customers, look no further. We've partnered with leading establishments across the nation, earning rave reviews for adding a touch of nature and sustainability to their atmospheres.


Crafting unique and bespoke botanical experiences is where our passion truly blossoms. While fulfilling online orders brings us joy, there's an unparalleled excitement that comes with creating custom pieces tailored to your vision.

Whether you're planning corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression, curating enchanting installations for retail or events, drive sustainable décor in your establishments or seeking the perfect blooms for your special day – we are here to turn your everlasting floral dreams into a reality.

Whether you have a specific idea in mind or a blank canvas waiting to be filled with floral enchantment, we are eager to guide you through the process. 

We've worked with

Large size dried flowers in a concrete large planter displayed next to the window

Custom Large Arrangement

Crafted with care, this 63" arrangement was specially designed for a top-ranked restaurant in Austin TX, embodying love in every detail. We tailor unique dried flower arrangements to harmonize with your space and cater to your clientele's tastes, seamlessly integrating nature and sustainability into your setting.

Custom Table Decor

This custom-made dried orchid arrangement, elegantly displayed in a seemingly impossible, sun-deprived corner, complements the dark-themed ambiance of the establishment beautifully. The arrangement enhances the space's commitment to 100% natural elements and self-care, embodying the brand’s ethos in every petal. Perfect for places untouched by sunlight, it stands as a testament to enduring beauty and mindful decor.


How We Helped

Explore how 50 Shades of Greed partners with a top Austin restaurant to elevate its dining atmosphere with stunning, sustainable dried flower arrangements. Learn how our bespoke designs align with the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients.

Why Us

At 50 Shades of Greed, we bring unmatched expertise in crafting exquisite dried flower arrangements that are perfect for any commercial space. As specialists in 100% dried flowers, we steer clear of artificial alternatives, ensuring that every piece we create is entirely natural and sustainably sourced. Our arrangements are designed to last, providing long-lasting beauty without the need for frequent replacements. This commitment not only supports sustainability but also promotes an ecosystem-centric approach to decor. Choose us to bring a touch of enduring, eco-friendly elegance to your commercial setting, reflecting your values of beauty and sustainability seamlessly.