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5PCS Dry Natural Fresh Preserved Sword Fern Leaves

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Made in naturally dried fern leaves, Sword ferns have been important in the botany of many peoples and cultures. Native people used nearly every part of the sword fern. With its long, evergreen fronds, there is no more beautiful, hardworking, or resilient fern than the sword fern. They line roadsides, hillsides, riversides. They thrive in dense Pacific Northwest Douglas fir understory, as well as in recent clear cuts, where they shoot up new fronds, grateful for the new light. They endure trampling from forestry machines, then bravely re-sprout after the machines are gone. 

These fern leaves are not able to stand on its own due to soft stem in nature. But they stand in a group or get mixed into a bouquet.

Bring this naturally dried sword fern leaves to your living space to uplift your mood each day or use it in an event. 

17.7" tall, each package includes 5PCs 

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