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Real touch 6 Heads orchid full arrangement with handmade gold vase

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Real touch PU 6 heads orchid artificial flowers

Orchid is the flower that has some kind of mystique aura among other kinds of plants. They are elegant, mysterious, and somehow appears unreal. That’s why many people from any part of the world are attracted to this kind flower.

Absolutely the top quality made in advanced technology in artificial flowers, PU, this real touch (also called nature touch) Orchid flowers can be gorgeously displayed in almost all vases as a eye catching table décor to fill your space with grace and purity. The PU is stable and does not change over time. It can retain the memory of its initial shape.

Each package contains 4 pieces of 6 heads orchid, 3 green leaves, 4 sticks for vertical support, 15 clips. 

Length: 27.5"

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