Authentic Japanese Earthenware Ceramic Coffee Mug - Handcrafted Pottery Design


Color: Cream

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Jomon period (10,500-300 BC) earthenware, this eco-friendly ceramic coffee mug blends traditional ceramics with the art of tea ceremonies, bringing a touch of tranquility to the modern daily grind. Its design reflects a deep appreciation for the ceremonial relaxation tea has offered through the ages, now available for your coffee moments too.

Perfectly suited for both hot and cold beverages, this ceramic mug ensures the purest taste experience. Thanks to the ceramic material, your drinks remain untainted by previous flavors, allowing you to savor each sip as intended.

Our clients have fallen in love with pairing this exquisite Japanese Earthen Ceramic Coffee Mug alongside their favorite dried flowers from our collection. The timeless elegance of the mug complements the lasting beauty of dried blooms, creating a harmonious blend of art and nature in their spaces. This duo has become a beloved choice for those looking to infuse their daily rituals with a sense of peace and a touch of traditional charm. Together, they serve not just as decor but as an invitation to slow down and relish the beauty in everyday moments.

Capacity: 200ml, Height: 3.7 inches

Enjoy a serene sip of history and craftsmanship with every use.