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Discover our journey through the origins, inspirations and dedication behind '50 Shades' unique vision and creations of dried flowers

Founded By Aileen

Dried floral designer and expert Aileen Warren dreams up wildly unique creations with the aim of revolutionizing the way we interact with and enjoy floral beauty while celebrating natures beauty. An avid tea lover, Aileen has seamlessly blended her expertise with innovative drying technology to redefine floral preservation. Embracing the concept of effortless sustainability, she infuses homes and workspaces with the enduring beauty of maintenance-free natural flowers.

Our Story

Hi, I'm Aileen Warren. Let me take you through the journey of "50 Shades of Greed." Once a corporate rising star, I often found myself entangled in the fast-paced world, my love for plants often clashed with my relentless schedule. I yearned to keep not just the plants, but also the tranquil moments they represented alive amidst my chaos.

Witnessing fresh flowers wilt was not just about losing a plant—it was a metaphor for my fleeting moments of peace. This sparked a determination in me to create a solution—a way to enjoy the beauty of nature without the constant upkeep. "50 Shades of Greed" playfully named, mirrors our shared desire for lasting beauty in our fast-paced lives and low maintenance needs.

Leveraging her deep technology background, Aileen has meticulously experimented with various drying technologies to master the art of preserving nature's ephemeral beauty. Her advanced techniques ensure each arrangement maintains its authentic color and shape, offering a timeless piece of nature that lasts.

At "50 Shades of Greed," each visit is an exploration of sustainable self-care through stress-free indoor nature. Our store is filled with meticulously crafted dried flower arrangements—from the homely charm of dried roses to the serene presence of eucalyptus. These arrangements are more than just decor; they are enduring symbols of beauty and memory, designed to be part of your life without a single drop of water, making them wonderfully kind to our environment.

For those who cherish the beauty of nature and seek to hold onto the moments it represents without harming our planet, I warmly invite you to discover "50 Shades of Greed." Here, we don't just celebrate plants; we celebrate the everlasting memories they hold and sustainable self care you deserved through unlimited connection with nature.

Why the name '50 Shades Of Greed'?

The name "50 Shades of Greed" for our dried flower shop is a creative play on words that encapsulates the essence of our vision and the unique offerings of the store. It's a blend of two seemingly conflicting concepts:

The inspiration behind the "50 Shades" aspect of "50 Shades of Greed" came from a personal realization and a gap in the market. We noticed that whenever we sought to keep flowers for a longer duration, the common suggestion was to opt for pampas or other grass-based dried flowers. This was a bit limiting for someone who cherished the diverse beauty of flowers.

So, we embarked on a journey to expand this narrow view. We wanted to offer more than just the usual suspects like pampas grass. Our vision was to create a collection that included a vast array of flowers, each preserved to last yet maintaining their natural, vibrant beauty. This led to the creation of a diverse range - hence the "50 Shades". It represents the multitude of colors, textures, and types of flowers, far beyond the conventional choices.

The term "Greed" in "50 Shades of Greed" symbolizes the ambitious desire to merge the natural beauty of flowers with a lasting, permanent form which demands meticulous care and varied techniques. Different flowers require different drying processes, each tailored to preserve their unique beauty and integrity. This name reflects the commitment to mastering these diverse methods, striving to offer a collection that embodies both the transient allure and the enduring charm of flowers.


The exclusive technology and design is the cornerstones of "50 Shades of Greed", providing customers with unique, lasting floral options that extend well beyond the typical, grass-based dried flowers, capturing the full spectrum of nature's beauty.

The name '50 Shades of Greed' captures our ambitious fusion of fleeting beauty with lasting permanence, highlighting the unique drying technology we apply across all our suppliers and our exclusively designed dried flower arrangements. We take pride in offering technology and designs that are unique to our store, setting us apart in flower marketplaces.

What Sets Us Apart

We understand the modern-day challenges of adding a touch of green to your life. Our mission? Blending the inherent beauty of natural flowers with innovative drying technologies to craft superior dried floral arrangements. Our expert techniques ensure each flower retains its authentic color, shape, and texture, offering an exquisite variety that enhances any decor or gift. We are committed to delivering the perfect marriage of nature's artistry and technological precision, ensuring our flowers are not only beautiful but also lasting and meaningful additions to any space or occasion.

We craft everlasting flowers that are perfect for busy lives and challenging green thumbs, ensuring personalized, eco-friendly beauty in every setting, sunlight or not.

Where Nature Meets Technology: At '50 Shades of Greed,' we redefine the intersection of nature and technology. Our name signifies a bold blending of fleeting natural beauty with enduring presence, achieved through cutting-edge drying technology. Applied to every supplier and designs, we relentlessly ensure each flower retains its vibrant color and intricate form. We offer creations that are not only visually stunning but also lastingly meaningful. Our unique approach ensures that each piece embodies the perfect harmony of advanced technology and natural elegance.

Self-Care Made Easy: We're dedicated to fostering self-care with effortless ease. We meticulously craft each natural flower arrangement so you can enjoy the beauty of nature without any of the usual hassles. Lay back and immerse yourself in the serene ambiance that only our flowers can provide. Let these enduring blooms nurture care for you and your loved ones, creating a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty in your home. With us, self-care isn’t just a practice; it’s a seamless part of your daily environment.

The Perfect Match for Busy Lives: We know life can be a whirlwind. That's why our dried flower arrangements are ideal for those always on the go. With no watering or daily care needed, our blooms fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, offering natural beauty without the time commitment.

Brighten Any Corner: Ever wished to liven up that shady corner or windowless office space? Our flowers are the solution. They thrive in all environments, needing no sunlight, making them perfect for brightening up even the most challenging spaces.

No Green Thumb? No Problem: If you've ever felt gardening isn't your forte, you're not alone. "50 Shades of Greed" is here for those who love the idea of plants but haven't had luck in nurturing them. Our arrangements give you the beauty of nature without the complexity of care.

Tailored for Your Taste: Whether you prefer bold and vibrant or soft and subtle, our diverse range of dried flowers caters to every preference. We also love crafting custom designs to create the perfect piece for your unique space.

Serve Our Community: At "50 Shades of Greed," we're not just selling flowers; we're fostering a community that values self care, sustainability, and the timeless charm of nature. Step into our world and experience the ease of beautifying your space with our enduring, carefree floral creations.

We can't wait to help you discover the perfect, hassle-free way to greenify your space.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I purchased a customized dried flower arrangement from Aileen. I asked for the colors that can match to my newly renovated bathroom and arrangement came out perfectly. I am surprised how it stands after a few months by now. I am so delighted with my order.
— Alice
Customer reviews
I got a selection of petals and smaller flower pieces for a project, and they are by far the most beautiful dried flowers I've ever seen. They are so vibrant and colorful - and Aileen is an absolute doll to boot. So kind and helpful with figuring out exactly what I needed. Thank you!!
— Lyss
Customer reviews
I moved into a new apartment and wanted an accent piece to match one of my pictures. I love the dried flower arrangement I got from Aileen. Such simple elegance!
— Michelle

'Within the petals of everlasting flowers lies the timeless beauty that ignites our souls and creates lasting memories' - Aileen @ 50 Shades Of Greed

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While we love talking about all things dried flowers and décor, we know it's important to share the story behind the owner of 50 Shades of Greed. So meet Aileen, a passionate designer and maker based in Austin TX

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