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Step into a world of rustic charm with our Countryside Comfort bouquet, a lovingly crafted arrangement that captures the essence of nature's serene beauty. This bouquet features an enchanting mix of large cotton branches and heads, complemented by the delicate textures of pine flowers, forget-me-nots, bunny tails, and rice flowers. It's a celebration of natural elements, bringing a cozy, comforting vibe to your space.


  • Whispering Cotton: The centerpiece of the arrangement, large cotton branches and heads symbolize comfort and purity. Their soft, cloud-like appearance adds a soothing, tactile element to the bouquet.
  • Delicate Pine Flowers: Adding a touch of rustic elegance, pine flowers bring a hint of woodsy charm and a fine texture that contrasts beautifully with the softness of cotton.
  • Charming Forget-Me-Nots: Known for their rich symbolism and lovely blue hue, forget-me-nots add a splash of color and sentimentality, ensuring your arrangement carries a message of enduring love and memories.
  • Playful Bunny Tails: These fluffy, soft grasses, also known as lagurus, contribute a whimsical touch, enhancing the bouquet's texture and visual interest.
  • Ethereal Rice Flowers: With their delicate form and subtle color, rice flowers tie the arrangement together, offering a fine, elegant finish.

Perfect For:

  • Adding a touch of rustic charm to your home or office decor.
  • Gifting to someone special as a symbol of comfort, love, and lasting memories.
  • Creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere in any space.

With the Countryside Comfort bouquet, embrace the warm, comforting embrace of nature. It's not just a bouquet; it's a rustic retreat, a gentle reminder of the tranquil beauty that nature holds.

Styling Advice

For a display that fully captures the essence of the Countryside Comfort bouquet, opt for a simple, rustic vase or a vintage container that echoes the natural, cozy vibe of the arrangement. Position the bouquet in a spot where it can serve as a comforting centerpiece, such as on a coffee table, mantelpiece, or in a welcoming entryway. Complement it with natural materials like wood, stone, or burlap to enhance the rustic charm. Keep surrounding decor understated to allow the intricate textures and soft, muted tones of the cotton, pine flowers, forget-me-nots, bunny tails, and rice flowers to truly stand out, creating a serene and homely atmosphere in your space.

Size Information

Approx. Height 18-22"

Care Guide

Dried flowers can last for years if the proper care is taken. Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause colors to fade. Best kept in a dry place as moisture can encourage mould. To remove dust, use a hairdryer on a low, cool setting, or air duster to gently clean.
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Sustainably Packaged - We ship all orders in our custom boxes, cushioned with tissue papers, to ensure your flowers are well protected on their journey to your home. The best part? We use materials that can be recycled, so that all our orders can remain environmentally friendly.

Natural Variations

The beauty of flowers is that no two stems are ever the same. As dried flowers are a natural product and with handmade nature of arrangements, there may be slight differences in size, shape and colour, when compared to the reference photos provided.

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