Dried Rose with Necklace, Candle & Essential Oil - Eternal Blooms & Treasures


Color: Red

Introducing our "Eternal Blooms & Treasures" Gift Set, a meticulously curated collection designed to enchant and soothe the senses, making it the perfect present for any occasion. This exquisite package combines the timeless beauty of nature with elegant craftsmanship, all presented in an eco-friendly box that reflects your commitment to sustainability.

Inside the Box:

  • Mini Dried Roses (6-8): Handpicked for their beauty and preserved at their peak, these mini dried roses in various hues embody everlasting elegance. Their delicate appearance and enduring charm make them a perfect decorative accent for any space.

  • Transformative Heart Necklace: A centerpiece of craftsmanship, this unique necklace effortlessly transitions from a captivating floral design into four interlocking hearts. Available in your choice of sophisticated white or warm yellow gold, this piece is a testament to love's versatile beauty.

  • Essential Oils (2 Bottles): Elevate your daily rituals with our selection of essential oils. Each bottle is chosen to harmonize and rejuvenate your mood, creating a sanctuary of peace and wellness in your home.

  • Bubble Shaped Candle: Complete the ambiance with our bubble-shaped candle. Its unique design and soft glow add a cozy, inviting atmosphere to any room, complementing the natural and aromatic elements of this gift set.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Committed to the environment as much as to elegance, this entire set is nestled within an eco-friendly box, ensuring that your gift not only delights the recipient but also honors the Earth.

The "Eternal Blooms & Treasures" Gift Set is more than a present; it's an experience. Each element has been thoughtfully selected to celebrate the beauty of nature, the art of jewelry, and the sensory pleasure of aromatherapy, making it an unforgettable gift for someone special—or a well-deserved treat for yourself.

Styling Advice

Wrap the 'Eternal Blooms & Treasures' Gift Set with personalized flair. Arrange mini dried roses around the heart necklace for visual appeal. Place essential oils and candle to suggest sensory delight. Add a heartfelt note on top, all in an eco-friendly box for a sustainable touch.

Size Information

Approx. Height: 10x8x4


Care Guide

Dried flowers can last for years if the proper care is taken. Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause colors to fade. Best kept in a dry place as moisture can encourage mould. To remove dust, use a hairdryer on a low, cool setting, or air duster to gently clean.
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Purchasing as a Gift?

Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them by sending some everlasting blooms straight to their door.
When checking out, add a personalized message of love and support to include with your gift. We will include a 3D card and hand-write messages to your order. Be sure to add your loved ones name and address for the shipping section, plus your own details for the billing section. All tracking updates will be sent to your email, so that you know when your loved one has received their surprise!
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